No Invites from Oprah

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According  to the Drudge Report Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin will not be invited to the Oprah show since she dosen’t want to hurt Barrac Obama. Can you imagine how Oprah must feel that the first woman to have a chance at high office, the first woman that is second inline for the highest office in the world , and not a chance to interview her. Since 90 % of her audience are White females from middle income families that might have second thoughts on voting for a young,unproven African American.

If memory serves me even before George Bush became The President ,George Bush even was invited to be interviewed by Oprah, Of course her ,African King, Obama was still voteing Present in the State House in Ill. She at that time was being a little more fair when it came to politics. She must remember that by law if one canidate appears on a program ,that program must allow the other the same advantage.

I wonder what her audience of women who average 55 years and older will think of MS. Oprah being nothing more than an African Woman bias to her OWN RACE.


Congress With Hemoroids

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According to the story in The Wall Street Journal Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid are to start the short session of Congress Sept. 8 hoping that the 12 appropriations that need to be approved for the governments budget will be postponed until the next President is installed. If Senator Obama wins the Presidency and the Democrats gain the advantage in both Houses will start a spending spree like never before. Even worse than the Republicans could have ever done plus taxes will be raised to support the spending.

Of course another problem Congress has is the Energy Crisis that’s hurting all Americans rich or poor. A problem that could have been resolved during the Vacation that Congress should have not taken. Instead The two majority Leaders would rather see people get further in-debt and more business go Bankrupt or down-size employees to cope with the price of doing business . Rep. Pelosi and Senator Reid has the plan to destroy the United States as we know it. That’s the only scenario you could deduce.

The Democrats are having their convention in Denver with all the scripted hoopla and pageantry to crown the new Caesar ,if you look at the Greek Temple set Barrack Obama to accept the Dem. selection for President.

Check out the story on

Senator McCain has the oppurtunity to put this in the forefront of his campaign. Let the voters understand the severity of the facts.

Safari 3.1 For Windows Vulnerable To Hackers — Apple — InformationWeek

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Safari 3.1 For Windows Vulnerable To Hackers — Apple — InformationWeek
Researchers at software security firm Secunia said they’ve found two “highly critical” vulnerabilities in Apple’s Safari 3.1 For Windows browser.

In one instance, files with long names downloaded via the browser “can be exploited to cause memory corruption,” according to Secunia. That could result in the host computer becoming vulnerable to arbitrary code execution — a situation where intruders can remotely execute commands on the targeted machine.

The other vulnerability lets hackers display their own content in pages loaded into Safari 3.1 without changing what’s displayed in the browser’s URL address bar.

Secunia notes that neither vulnerability has been patched by Apple.

Word of the problems is the latest black eye for Safari 3.1.

Study sees Microsoft brand in sharp decline | InfoWorld | News | 2008-03-27 | By Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service

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Study sees Microsoft brand in sharp decline | InfoWorld | News | 2008-03-27 | By Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service
According to the CoreBrand Power 100 2007 study , which polled about 12,000 U.S. business decision-makers, Microsoft dropped from number 12 in the ranking of the most powerful U.S. company brands in 2004 to number 59 last year. In 1996, the company ranked number 1 in brand power among 1,200 top companies in about 50 industries, said James Gregory, CEO of CoreBrand.

CoreBrand measures brand power using four criteria. It first rates the familiarity of a company’s brand. Once a company has a certain level of familiarity, they are ranked according to three “attributes of favorability”: overall reputation, perception of management, and investment potential, Gregory said. While Microsoft’s brand is still eminently recognizable, the company is declining in all three favorable attributes, he said.

Gregory said that a decline in and of itself is not indicative that a company is losing its mindshare or reputation among customers. However, what’s significant in Microsoft’s case is that the decline has been consistent over a number of years and has plunged dramatically in a brief time.

“When you see something decline with increasing velocity, it’s a concern,” he said.

The Proper Way to Smoke A Cigar

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We,here in the United States, have a desire to smoke quality and fine Cigars. Of course for the most of us to smoke a Cuban Cigar is the ultimate satisfaction of a lifetime. My brother is a world traveler and has had the opportunity to smoke in fine. Cigar rooms in London, England and other area in Europe.

One evening I had visited my brother and his wife in their home in Pebble Beach , CA. , we went outside on his patio and he pulled out a Romeo Y Julieta short Churchill with the words on the band Habana, Cuba. Of course my mouth started salivating just by the aroma of the leaf. I started to light it by heating up the end and then puffing on it. My brother informed me that it was the wrong way to light even though I had sold Cigars for about 6 years. He explained to me that the proper way was to take a torch lighter and burn the end until it almost light itself. He said that lighting a cigar that way allowed the cigar to burn evenly.

After I had light the cigar the proper way I started puffing on it ,what a beautiful taste. When you smoke a cigar you allow the smoke to circulate to the back of your mouth and the roll out. That gives your taste buds the full enjoyment of the tobacco.

According to the book “Cigars of the World”, written by Aurelio Pastor and Alain Eid “Romeo and Julieta brand was launched in 1850 by Inocencio Alvarez and Manin Garcia who had always had the reputation for their fine workmanship and craftsmanship. They won numerous gold metal reward at different internationally expositions from Antwerp(1885) , Paris (1889 and 1890) and Brussels in 1893. It wasn’t until 1903 did the brand had reached it popularity when it was bought out by Fernandez Rodriquez who was one of the most remarkable names in Cuban History”.

I found a video on Youtube that shows the correct way to smoke a cigar. It’s in Japanese with English subtitles

An Apology to Chris Pirillo

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For the longest time I have been watching Chris Pirillo at .The only thing I had notice about Chris is that the only time we would recognize his chat room or views was when he either had something to sell, promote , or to be sarcastic about anything Microsoft or other pc type products. His world went from PC, Microsoft Windows base OS, to mostly a Mac world with almost everything being wonderful for macs.

I logged in as usual, a little early than normal, thinking he was asleep due to the hour of the morning: 5:00 am PT. To find Chris not ranting and raving about something but talking to the chat room and viewers about seeing into the future of Lockergnome, his blog community he started over 10 years ago. A community of bloggers hopefully with the same purpose of the love of technology  and for the purpose of information of the future and nuances of the industry. For the first time I saw his frustration about what he wanted for himself as well as the community of his believers and supporters. Here’s a man who knows what needs to happen but how to get there for him is the frustration.

The passion in this man, who is considered a geek among geeks as in his wikipedia profile and description, description, to help others as well as himself to succeed in the new era of Blogging and Pod casting is more than what most people in the industry has done as in Leo Laporte and others of his gentry.

Chris I am sorry for my misunderstanding of you and your mission. Please accept my apology.

Conservative podcast

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For the past year I have been surfing the web for a different type of Conservative website or podcast. One that’s not Bill O’Reiley, Rush ,or Sean Hannity. Finally I was checking this morning and found Andy and Company radio show out of West Virgina. They were talking Taxes, Child sexual predators, and other subjects. It was refreshing to hear these guys.

They talk like the rest of the country thinks. They’re not far right nor do they try to over talk their guest. They have a great chat room with lots of local West Virgina political news as well as for the rest of the country. It’s called Andy and Company

Check it out I think you’ll be very interested by all the Talk and Conversation they have.

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