No Invites from Oprah

According  to the Drudge Report Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin will not be invited to the Oprah show since she dosen’t want to hurt Barrac Obama. Can you imagine how Oprah must feel that the first woman to have a chance at high office, the first woman that is second inline for the highest office in the world , and not a chance to interview her. Since 90 % of her audience are White females from middle income families that might have second thoughts on voting for a young,unproven African American.

If memory serves me even before George Bush became The President ,George Bush even was invited to be interviewed by Oprah, Of course her ,African King, Obama was still voteing Present in the State House in Ill. She at that time was being a little more fair when it came to politics. She must remember that by law if one canidate appears on a program ,that program must allow the other the same advantage.

I wonder what her audience of women who average 55 years and older will think of MS. Oprah being nothing more than an African Woman bias to her OWN RACE.


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