First I’d like to give you a little of my history. I grew up in a Jewelry industry family. Almost all my family has been involved in the jewelry business since 1890 , when my grandfather arrived in the United States from Dhour Shweir Lebanon. He started his little family owned store in Eunice La. where the look of his store was more of a general merchandise store with emphasis on fine jewelry and fine watches for that time in our country. I stayed in the industry until 8 years ago, when I decided that retail had become  too non-professional and more about Credit from the larger companies.

I  then come to my second love, Fine imported,hand wrapped Cigars. Whether it’s a pre-Castro Cuban , Dominican, or Honduran . There is so many wonderful cigars out on the market they just keep getting better.

My other love is Photography and pets. Which ,they seem to go hand in hand for people who love pets. We have Persians and Himalayans that we have breed for the past few years. We are getting into a newer breed which has started becoming popular, the Bengal.

if you’ve got questions about Jewelry , Cigars, Pets, Photography, or Photoshop, let me know.


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