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No Invites from Oprah

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According  to the Drudge Report Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin will not be invited to the Oprah show since she dosen’t want to hurt Barrac Obama. Can you imagine how Oprah must feel that the first woman to have a chance at high office, the first woman that is second inline for the highest office in the world , and not a chance to interview her. Since 90 % of her audience are White females from middle income families that might have second thoughts on voting for a young,unproven African American.

If memory serves me even before George Bush became The President ,George Bush even was invited to be interviewed by Oprah, Of course her ,African King, Obama was still voteing Present in the State House in Ill. She at that time was being a little more fair when it came to politics. She must remember that by law if one canidate appears on a program ,that program must allow the other the same advantage.

I wonder what her audience of women who average 55 years and older will think of MS. Oprah being nothing more than an African Woman bias to her OWN RACE.


Congress With Hemoroids

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According to the story in The Wall Street Journal Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid are to start the short session of Congress Sept. 8 hoping that the 12 appropriations that need to be approved for the governments budget will be postponed until the next President is installed. If Senator Obama wins the Presidency and the Democrats gain the advantage in both Houses will start a spending spree like never before. Even worse than the Republicans could have ever done plus taxes will be raised to support the spending.

Of course another problem Congress has is the Energy Crisis that’s hurting all Americans rich or poor. A problem that could have been resolved during the Vacation that Congress should have not taken. Instead The two majority Leaders would rather see people get further in-debt and more business go Bankrupt or down-size employees to cope with the price of doing business . Rep. Pelosi and Senator Reid has the plan to destroy the United States as we know it. That’s the only scenario you could deduce.

The Democrats are having their convention in Denver with all the scripted hoopla and pageantry to crown the new Caesar ,if you look at the Greek Temple set Barrack Obama to accept the Dem. selection for President.

Check out the story on

Senator McCain has the oppurtunity to put this in the forefront of his campaign. Let the voters understand the severity of the facts.

Conservative podcast

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For the past year I have been surfing the web for a different type of Conservative website or podcast. One that’s not Bill O’Reiley, Rush ,or Sean Hannity. Finally I was checking this morning and found Andy and Company radio show out of West Virgina. They were talking Taxes, Child sexual predators, and other subjects. It was refreshing to hear these guys.

They talk like the rest of the country thinks. They’re not far right nor do they try to over talk their guest. They have a great chat room with lots of local West Virgina political news as well as for the rest of the country. It’s called Andy and Company

Check it out I think you’ll be very interested by all the Talk and Conversation they have.

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