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An Apology to Chris Pirillo

Posted in Chris Pirillo, online comunity, Podcast with tags , , , , on February 5, 2008 by randynacol2002

For the longest time I have been watching Chris Pirillo at .The only thing I had notice about Chris is that the only time we would recognize his chat room or views was when he either had something to sell, promote , or to be sarcastic about anything Microsoft or other pc type products. His world went from PC, Microsoft Windows base OS, to mostly a Mac world with almost everything being wonderful for macs.

I logged in as usual, a little early than normal, thinking he was asleep due to the hour of the morning: 5:00 am PT. To find Chris not ranting and raving about something but talking to the chat room and viewers about seeing into the future of Lockergnome, his blog community he started over 10 years ago. A community of bloggers hopefully with the same purpose of the love of technology  and for the purpose of information of the future and nuances of the industry. For the first time I saw his frustration about what he wanted for himself as well as the community of his believers and supporters. Here’s a man who knows what needs to happen but how to get there for him is the frustration.

The passion in this man, who is considered a geek among geeks as in his wikipedia profile and description, description, to help others as well as himself to succeed in the new era of Blogging and Pod casting is more than what most people in the industry has done as in Leo Laporte and others of his gentry.

Chris I am sorry for my misunderstanding of you and your mission. Please accept my apology.


Conservative podcast

Posted in Congress, Conservative Values, Election 2008, Podcast, President with tags , , , , on January 4, 2008 by randynacol2002

For the past year I have been surfing the web for a different type of Conservative website or podcast. One that’s not Bill O’Reiley, Rush ,or Sean Hannity. Finally I was checking this morning and found Andy and Company radio show out of West Virgina. They were talking Taxes, Child sexual predators, and other subjects. It was refreshing to hear these guys.

They talk like the rest of the country thinks. They’re not far right nor do they try to over talk their guest. They have a great chat room with lots of local West Virgina political news as well as for the rest of the country. It’s called Andy and Company

Check it out I think you’ll be very interested by all the Talk and Conversation they have.

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