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Safari 3.1 For Windows Vulnerable To Hackers — Apple — InformationWeek

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Safari 3.1 For Windows Vulnerable To Hackers — Apple — InformationWeek
Researchers at software security firm Secunia said they’ve found two “highly critical” vulnerabilities in Apple’s Safari 3.1 For Windows browser.

In one instance, files with long names downloaded via the browser “can be exploited to cause memory corruption,” according to Secunia. That could result in the host computer becoming vulnerable to arbitrary code execution — a situation where intruders can remotely execute commands on the targeted machine.

The other vulnerability lets hackers display their own content in pages loaded into Safari 3.1 without changing what’s displayed in the browser’s URL address bar.

Secunia notes that neither vulnerability has been patched by Apple.

Word of the problems is the latest black eye for Safari 3.1.